Growing North Carolina

The North Carolina Growers Association (NC Growers) makes it easier for farmers to keep growing food in the United States by providing a stable, legal and reliable workforce. Many crops like sweet potatoes, blackberries, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, and Christmas trees are fragile and can’t be harvested by machines. We need seasonal farm workers to bring in the crops so small family-owned farms can succeed, Americans can continue to enjoy an abundance of domestic produce, and everyone benefits from the economic boost and national security continued food production brings to our nation.

Keep Farms Sustainable

When farmers cannot find enough workers, they turn to NC Growers. As the nation’s largest user of the agricultural “guest worker” program, we provide our members with a supplemental foreign workforce that is legal, reliable, and ready to ensure that crops are planted, maintained, and harvested in a timely fashion. NC Growers is an essential part of how many North Carolina farmers keep the family farm sustainable.

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